About Us

Garris Signs, a premier Virginia sign company, has been providing an unparalleled commitment to the quality of the craft for three generations. Mr. Garris senior, now deceased, started in the sign business when he was 16 and worked in the business until he was 72. Now his son Coy, followed in the same tradition, starting at age 16, now 56, been taught by his father all about the sign business. As he was growing up in the sign industry he had the chance to work for Ted Turner of TNT, learning all he could. He continues to this day to practice all the values he learned from his father and is now teaching his son.
 Today, Garris Signs still honors the tradition of "Guaranteed Lowest Prices," and "Satisfaction Guaranteed" -no questions asked. In fact he's quoted as saying, "Show me an estimate, and I'll beat it... by alot". Or on the other hand, "Go ahead and shop around, your not gonna beat my price". Mr. Garris does believe in making a profit, but doesn't believe in gouging a client's pocket.

If you are considering signs for your storefront or business, custom logo design, or lettering your personal or company vehicles, Garris Signs can deliver! Your team of experts includes UL certified sign technicians, innovative graphic designers, and an expert team of installation technicians. All signs are manufactured on premises, including: directional, channel letter, monument, pylon, back-lit, LED, neon, and fluorescent signs...we do it all! Garris Signs has interwoven an intricate business with skilled craftsmen and artists to deliver the best quality product for your investment.